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Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cankurtaran Founder

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Clinical Psychologist

Mehmet Cankurtaran


Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cankurtaran completed his undergraduate education in Psychology at Yeditepe University. He completed his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with an honors degree at Üsküdar University with his thesis on 'The Relationship of Personality Structures with Job Performance' and received his specialization.

In order to gain experience and improve himself during his undergraduate education, he worked as an intern in various institutions and volunteered. During his postgraduate education, he followed up many adolescent and adult focused cases in his studies as a trainee psychologist at NeuroPsychiatry Istanbul Brain Hospital. In this process, he saw clients regularly in different counseling centers and developed himself in the field of social psychology and sports psychology in line with his curiosity. In addition, he conducted approximately 5000+ hours of client interviews in the field of individual therapy.

Mehmet Cankurtaran, who specializes in the relationship of personality structures and characters with the emotions and behaviors of individuals, has provided the necessary support in large and small-scale companies and educational institutions by taking into account the structure and motivations of the person in many subjects, especially Motivation, Anxiety, Distraction and Job performance.

He continues to work at the Lenus Psychology Counseling Center, which he opened in 2019, as well as within Koç Holding.

Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cankurtaran provides professional support to adolescents and adults in the fields of family-couple therapy, sexual therapy and individual therapy.


  • Masterson Approach Education-Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders Theoretical Education

  • Solution Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

  • Sex Therapy Education

  • Marriage and Couple Therapy Training

  • Object relations in psychotherapy

  • Masterson Approach Training Supervision

  • Minnesota Multidimensional Personality Inventory Training (MMPI)

  • Masterson Approach and Personality Disorders Conference

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