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The support needed by the institution, company or individual in the field they are in and the consultancy service that will be given according to the subjects they want to develop aims to support the institutions in reaching their desired potential.

How Does the Corporate Consulting Process Proceed?

Within the scope of corporate consultancy, priority is determined according to the service requested by the institution and the content of this support. In this direction, online or face-to-face psychological counseling, training, seminar and webinar services are provided to individual and group employees, determined according to the desired service. It is known that companies that receive consultancy support in this field have a noticeable increase in motivation, company perception, compliance, and job performance as well as the happiness of their employees.


What Topics Does Corporate Consulting Include?

  • Internal communication

  • Employee happiness

  • Employee's compliance with the company

  • Performance enhancement

  • Evaluate hiring and firing processes

  • Evaluate enterprise functionality and productivity

Educational institutions, companies, consultancy centers are the organizations that need support the most in the field of corporate consultancy.

All of the subjects mentioned in the article can be studied in the field of Corporate consultancy. If you are looking for an expert to accompany you on your journey with yourself, you can apply to Lenus Psychology.

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