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It is called audio and video therapy sessions via internet connection. It enables people who cannot come to our center to receive psychotherapy and who live in different countries or cities benefit from psychotherapy services.

What is Required for Online Psychotherapy?

A fast internet provider and necessary program for online therapyWith the installation (skype, zoom, etc.), communication can be easily achieved via computer, tablet or mobile phone.


About Online Psychotherapy

Our therapists conduct online therapy sessions in the psychotherapy rooms of our center. It is expected that the client will be in a quiet environment where they will not be disturbed and where they will be able to express themselves comfortably and without noise.

In online therapy, the same ethics, rules and perspectives are taken as a basis, as in face-to-face interviews.

If you apply to us and start online therapy, all your information about your process remains confidential.

You can make an appointment for online therapy by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

All of the topics mentioned in the article are information about online therapy. If you are looking for an expert to accompany you on your journey with yourself, you can apply to Lenus Psychology.

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