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What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy, with the widespread use of the internet today, is a solution for individuals not being able to spare the appropriate time in their daily lives, business rushes or private lives. The most important feature of online therapy is that it allows the person to take time for himself and to reach psychotherapy easily from the appropriate environment.

While psychologists are involved in online therapy from their rooms where the session is held, clients can receive online therapy services from their homes, business rooms or any area where they feel comfortable. Another advantage of the online therapy process is that the individual can meet with a psychologist in a speaking environment where he or she feels comfortable.

The operation of online therapy has no difference in content from face-to-face sessions, the therapy method is the same, the only difference is that the session is conducted online.



Online therapy should be carried out in an environment where the individual can feel safe and comfortable, and a space should be provided where the session can be carried out clearly, where no one is disturbed by what he or she will hear.

Communicating in online therapy has been a more preferred situation for many clients, because of the availability of the therapist at any time and place. The biggest advantage of this is that the individual who will enter the session meets with his/her psychologist in the area where he/she feels the best and establishes a clear and solid communication, the most important rule of psychotherapy is strong and clear communication, so it is also important to do the session in the area where the individual uses his/her communication most strongly.


Online therapy is an advantageous avenue for many people. It is a very preferred method for people who live outside the city, abroad and cannot come to our clinic, and it is also a much easier method to reach for people who have a late rush hour and those who suffer from traffic.

In addition, it is a great convenience for people who want to conduct an interview at home or in a suitable environment where they can feel more comfortable. In order for the person to be comfortable and clear in the interviews with the psychologist, the only expectation in online therapy is that the person who will attend the session is in an appropriate and comfortable environment.

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