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Schizoid Personality Organization

Even though schizoid is not a word we come across very often in daily life, it can sometimes be confused with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia. However, it is a personality type and it appears in people we meet in many areas of life.

What is a schizoid personality?

Although they are sometimes seen as individuals who can relate to everyone, there are very few people they can actually relate to. The main reason for this is that they think that they do not have a relationship that they can trust. There is no secure and ideal relationship, and this reservation affects people with schizoid structure in their relationships and prevents them from establishing a real or close relationship, even though they have good relations with people on the surface. It is important for individuals with this nature to stay at a distance and thus safe because otherwise it comes too close and risky. For these structures, whose fantasy and imagination are highly developed, a secure relationship exists only in imagination. Real life is like an adventure full of risks and uncertainties. Individuals with this structure, who do not like uncertainty and giving up control, are generally more introverted and empathetic.


Schizoid personality traits

Although they may seem cold or strange on the outside, they may have a hard time experiencing and showing very intense emotions inside.

They may prefer to be at a distance rather than getting close to someone.

They can make all kinds of sacrifices for the people they know.

They hide so they don't look bad. Often they don't say what they really want to say.

They always want to be prepared, they can always feel like they're going to war.

They are self-sufficient people everywhere. He tries to handle everything on his own, he wants to live in his shell without needing anyone.

He often defends the rights of others, but prefers not to defend his own.

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