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What is Adult Therapy?

Individual psychotherapy contributes to the client's awareness of his inner processes by starting to think about himself, to understand and listen to himself, to increase his awareness of his environment, and to make sense of his feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Experts in the field accompany the clients on this journey of self-discovery, and support them to find their true selves, which remains deeper with what life brings us.

The importance of psychological support in adults

individual psychotherapy,It was established to provide a healthy communication through trust and a relationship based on it. Although the established relationship is a supporter and a supporter, it is experienced in a neutral environment where both sides are equal as human beings. Adults who want to receive psychological support realize the sides of them that cannot be noticed in the flow of life, that are kept in the background by avoiding confrontation, and that are stuck in certain cycles. At this point, getting psychological help provides multi-faceted support to people's self-discovery and inner journeys in their lives.

What is the adult psychologist therapy method and process?

The process proceeds with a psychodynamic framework and method, accompanied by expert psychologists, first to understand people and to empathize with the client. In this process, most of the time, by making use of Masterson's personality structures, clients are evaluated more on their personality structure and characters. Based on the principles of client confidentiality, listening, unconditional acceptance, giving and opening space psychotherapy It is important that the clients continue to their sessions throughout the process. The therapy process varies according to the individual's wishes and needs. Our psychotherapists continue the process in this direction and continue the sessions for the client to understand and realize himself.

Why Lenus Psychology in choosing an adult psychologist?

In the light of the information mentioned in the article, in Lenus Psychology, each individual is handled specifically in their own process. It is aimed for clients to realize their own inner transformations by showing the different aspects of their personalities as they get to know themselves.  If you are looking for a specialist to accompany you on your journey with yourself, you can apply to Lenus Psychology.

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